Welcome to San Alberto Magno

San Alberto Magno is an outstanding international school situated within Spain’s Alicante province, close to the surrounding cities of Alicante, Elche, Elda and Petrel.

We educate and nurture students aged three to eighteen. Our modern approach enables us to focus on the uniqueness of our students and their preferred learning styles. Through this approach, we provide our students with a comprehensive and holistic education that fosters a global outlook and encourages strong values.

SAM's facility-rich campus spans more than 33,000m2 of green space so our students enjoy clean air and an extensive biodiverse, natural space to explore.

Key Facts About our International School

How We Teach

In our international school, we focus on English and Spanish, but we encourage fluency in several languages.

In Early Years students are three or four years old, and they benefit from an almost complete immersion in the English language, with 80% of their day being delivered in English.

From Infants, where students are five years old, until the second year of Primary, students also learn German and French. From the third year of Primary, students pick one of these additional languages to continue through to fluency.

As well as a focus on language, our teaching methods develop students' full potential by nurturing individual passions and talents. We encourage our students to be creative and adapt at problem-solving with excellent emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills.

At San Albero Magno we work together as a team, creating a safe, comfortable and harmonious environment that gets the best out of our students and ensures they enjoy their time at school.


Welcome to San Alberto Magno School, a member of the Orbital Education Group.

By choosing us to be the educators of your children you are ensuring they have the best quality environment for their growth as people and as future leaders in society. For us, developing leadership skills starts with each student understanding how to realise their own potential academically and emotionally as well as identifying a clear set of values to live by.

The atmosphere and nurturing environment that we provide along with the excellent educational team are the reasons for our success as a community. Students are eager to come to school every day and feel like they are coming to their second family.

We work hand in hand with our families to empower every student to reach their full potential. Working together ensures that you, the parents, and we, the school, will have constant and direct communication to support the growth and wellbeing of the most important people, our students.

Our educational excellence is our commitment to fostering an inclusive learning environment that encourages every student, never leaving aside our most important values: integrity, kindness, humility, respect, and honesty. This is what makes us the San Alberto Family.

I hope that you find this website informative and helpful. However, it cannot convey that all-important feeling of our school and I would encourage you to come and see that for yourself. I look forward to welcoming you to the school.

Nadine GhadbanCEO
Our Ethos